Carmelita Spats is the enemy of the Baudelaire siblings. They first meet her in The Austere Academy, where she is a prominent student. She likes to call them "cakesniffers" and makes fun of them being in the Orphan Shack. In The Slippery Slope, she is camping with some scouts on the mountain where Count Olaf is hiding out. In The Penultimate Peril, she is staying with Count Olaf and Esme Squalor. Esme thinks she is adorable and gives her whatever she wants. Carmelita likes to say how great she is, and in The Grim Grotto she sings a song with letters matching the letters in her name to words that mean she's perfect. Klaus hates this, because she says " G is for gorgeous" when she doesn't have a G in her name. Carmelita is a very stuck up person.