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Count Olaf

Count Olaf is the main antagonist of the series. His primary goal is to obtain the Baudelaire fortune. He was the orphans first guardian trying to get the fortune through his adoption of them and marry Violet. In most of the books he follows the siblings everywhere in disguises with new schemes. He pretends to be a distant relative, then


The Bad Beginning: He does not have any disguises, but attempts to marry Violet.

The Reptile Room: He dresses up as Uncle Monty's new assistant, "Stephano" and kills Uncle Monty.

The Wide Window: He befriended Aunt Josephine, and then traps her. Later count Olaf pushes her to the leeches.

The Miserable Mill: He makes the orphans work for a long time and hypnotizees Klaus.

The Austere Academy: He is disguised as a Sports Coach named "Genghis" He kidnaps the Quagmire triplets, but fails to kidnap the Baudelaire's

The Ersatz Elevator: Disguises as a foreigner auctioneer named Gunther and auctions of the Quagmire triplets inside a red herring statue.

The Vile Village: Disguises as a quirky detective and tries to trick the townsfolk into burning the Baudelaire's at the stake by framing them of murder.

The Hostile Hospital: dresses up a hospital dude and tries to make Klaus kill Violet

The Carnivorous Carnival: Disguises as a ringmaster and tries to kill the Baudelaire's and find out if one of the parents are still alive.

The Slippery Slope:

The Grim Grotto:

The Penultimate Peril: He was about to go to jail but the rest found out that the high court was apart of the schism.

The End:  He finally dies by spreading the medusoid mycelium and Ishmael harpoons him on an island


  1. Yessica Haircut - Olaf used this disguise to go undercover to tell Mr. Poe that the closest relative of the Baudelaires is a relative that lives the closest to them (Count Olaf). this convinced Mr. Poe to give the Baudelaire Orphans to Count Olaf. This would've made his plot to steel the Baudelaires' fortune easier, but it didn't.
  2. Stephano - Olaf disguised himself as a Italian Herpretoligist named Stephano to kill The Baudelaires' new guardian Dr. Montgomery Montgomery and take the Baudelaires to Peru. SPOILER ALERT: He did manage to kill Montgomery Montgomery using a siringe filled with the Mamba Du Mal snake venom, but the children were taken to their new guardian when Stephano's true identity was revealed.
  3. Captain Hoolio Sham - Olaf disguised himself as a lonely sea captain named Captain Sham to trick the Baudelaires' new guardian, Josephine Anwhistle, to commit suicide by jumping out of a large window in her house. Josephine faked her death but was later pushed off a ship by Count Olaf (still disguised as Captain Sham) and got fed to the Lacrymose Leeches (leeches which eat humans who go to the water before waiting an hour after eating) where she was eaten alive. The Baudelaires escaped to a lumber mill called "Lucky Smells Lumber Mill".
  4. Shirley - (COMING SOON)